Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Taking Care of Business | 8 Simple Steps to Turn your Workspace into a Real Home Office

Converting a small room in your home into a fully functional office is a very fun task, at least in theory. However, all you need is a creative idea to start with and proper planning to execute an easy project. Yeah! It is can be tough to follow, frustrating and quite a boring task at times but then ‘It’s Your Home Office’ and you need to make sure it inspires you to the core.

Select the room or the area which you want to convert into an office and then follow these steps for DIY perfection.

1.  The empty room should be painted according to the business you’re going to run. An online ecommerce business can use bright colors like red, green etc. while a business that sells organic food can use softer shades of green and even brown. It should be positive and inspiring. Painting the walls a color that not only represent you but your company can help keep you focused on work and eliminate that home office stigma. Now, whether you stay in a robe and bunny slippers or actually dress as if you’re going to an office, well that’s up to you. PS: cute slippers.

2.  Proper ventilation is needed. Open up the windows and paint them in a color that is two to three shades darker than the wall paint. Find curtains in contrasting colors and you’re good to go! F.Y.I., painting different colors helps break up the room. When painting window frames, you’re able to separate space without going to risqué like painting stripes or lines on your wall. Of course we love to be risqué whenever possible but not everyone is as crazy as us. This is a perfect and workable solution. As far as opening windows for ventilation, that isn’t so much an interior design tip as it is a “good practice” tip. Fresh air can really help keep you from becoming lethargic, especially since you’re working in front of a computer screen all day. No, having a desktop background of an open field or meadow is not the same thing as ACTUALLY opening your window. There’s no app for that…yet.

3.  Don’t just choose a desk because it’s attractive. You have to love the look of your desk but what good is it if it’s not making your job easier? Find a desk that is large enough for productivity. This means you should have a big desk which should easily accommodate your laptop or computer while stilling giving you room to write. Some space on the sides where you can keep your important files and maybe a Bathing Beauty, as well as any other items you think you’ll need to get the job done.

4.  If your desk is facing the wall then you can hang an artistic piece which will help you in being more creative. You can even hang a small notice board on which you can pin important dates, tasks etc. related to your business, a new thought or idea, your target for the specific period or some free interior design tips from Bianca (Hey, why not?)

5.  You should utilize the space very carefully. You can buy a bookcase or use wall shelves where you can organize your stuff’. Not everything has to be on the floor regardless of what your kids or husbands think (We know the agony of the wet towel syndrome too). Wall shelves are an excellent way to save space and remain organized. They’re also much more affordable than large pieces of furniture, easy to put up and can really make your room look fabu!

6.  To include a more calming element, you can put a comfortable chair or sofa to help you relax throughout the day. Also, Lighting is very important; a dimly lit lamp with a beautiful shade and candles can help keep your work space Zen.

7.  If you have to read or write documents related with your business then task lighting is very important for you too. Be sure to include the proper lighting throughout your office. Especially if you’re the type to work in the evening. Give room for ample natural light and air as well. Your room look look better this way and you will definitely be more productive. Music can improve productivity too! Go ahead and splurge on some small woofers if you’d like.

8.  Lastly, don’t be afraid to get a little creative. Just because an item is typically used for one thing doesn’t mean it can’t be re-used as something else. For example, are you in the food business? Place forks on your wall to hold your business cards, use a dish drying rack to store pens, pencils and decorative file folders. Here’s a cool idea, use a beautiful bread box as a cell phone charging station. The options are truly endless.

If DIY projects aren’t in the stars for you right now, our team of professional interior designers at BSEID are on standby! Or, feel free to Ask Bianca!
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